Green-Double-Vajra_75Welcome to our Beginning Buddhism course schedule

If you would like to know a little about Buddhism and how it relates to our daily lives, these courses offer a gentle introduction. They include workshops on meditation, dealing with disturbing emotions, and courses on basic Buddhist ideas. They are suitable for everyone.




A Buddhist Christmas: Sanghata Sutra Writing

Need to escape the rush of the festive season? Join us for a peaceful day of writing sutras (Buddhist scriptures) in gold ink. This a deeply relaxing and satisfying way to spend the day, and it is said that the act of copying any part of the sutras creates an incredible amount of merit. As Lama Zopa Rinpoche put it: “You see the benefit that is working for your mind and you see that it is an amazing sutra.” Everyone is very welcome!

Saturday December 23rd from 9:30 am until approximately 3 pm. This activity is freely offered. Lunch in the Big Love Café is $12.50pp.