Sewage system upgrade

Sewage system upgrade

Sewage System Upgrade

It’s not glamorous but it is essential. We’ve been working towards renovating our sewage system to meet the upgraded requirements of the local council and the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a large and complex project that is staged so that we can complete it with minimal disruption to our programs and community.

In 2017 we successfully completed the first stage of the project with new systems successfully supplied to our volunteer accommodation. This first step allowed us to test the know-how of our contractors and build a relationship with them. We now know they can get us to through to the completion of this project.

Stage two of this project will allow us to upgrade the sewage system by building a treatment plant that will meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Regulations across our site. The plant itself will be built away from the main facilities. It will improve the efficiency and safety of the site as well as respect our precious environment, endangered species and the Maroochy river catchment.

We have successfully funded 80% the project due to the generosity of our community and major benefactors. We now need community support to raise the final $20,000 that will allow us to complete stage two.

You can contribute online through our donation page, in person at reception or by contacting Director Jen Thomas:

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