An Offering for Rinpoche’s Long Life

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It is through Rinpoche’s joyous and untiring effort for well over 40 years, that we receive the teachings which will remove our suffering. From Rinpoche, and the teachers he sends us, we learn to subdue this crazy mind which causes all our problems and to practise the methods which enable us to truly benefit others in all possible ways.

Making offerings dedicated to Rinpoche’s long life is incredibly beneficial: for the long life of our precious teacher, for our own long life, and to create the cause for us to always be close to spiritual guides in this and future lives.

This year as an offering to Rinpoche we are creating beautiful Long Life Tsa Tsa’s – three dimensional sacred images of the three long life deities, Amitayus, White Tara and Namgyalma –  which will be made from plaster, painted gold (and possibly gold-leafed) and placed inside our beautiful Mani Prayer Wheel House. These Tsa Tsa’s are $20 each. You can sponsor them individually or contribute to the overall project. Our Art Studio page has more information about how you can participate in this project.

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