Chenrezig Institute depends upon the generosity of its members and friends to help keep retreat costs down and ensure that the Dharma is accessible to all. Your donations are deeply appreciated. The Buddha said the hands of the giver are never empty. Your generosity creates that karma to experience both material and spiritual abundance.

Chenrezig Institute was proudly established in 1974. We have a rich history but also an ageing infrastructure of buildings and systems that need to be upgraded and replaced. Your assistance with these projects is greatly appreciated. We can continue to work together to provide comfortable and supportive conditions to make our residents, students, and visitors welcome. When we create the conditions, the karmic seeds can flourish.

Some people choose to leave financial and other donations to the centre after their death. If you would like to bequeath something to Chenrezig Institute, here are some recommended clauses that you can add to your will – CI Bequest Clauses. Lama Zopa has also made some recommendations about how to write a Dharma will, so that it includes various beneficial spiritual practices. You can read this advice in the article on Dharma wills.


Current projects and Causes