Donations and Projects

Chenrezig Institute depends upon the generosity of its members and friends to help keep retreat costs down and ensure that the Dharma is accessible to all. Donations can also be made to the Dharma Centre to contribute to ongoing operational and maintenance expenses. If you’d like to support us, your donations are deeply appreciated. In Buddhism, monastic institutions are often supported by dāna. This is the practice of cultivating generosity which culminates in the perfection (pāramitā) of giving. It is highly valued as a spiritual practice, as it has the effect of purifying and transforming the mind of the giver and contributes to the well being of both giver and receiver.

Supporting Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Visit

It is through Rinpoche’s joyous and untiring effort for well over 40 years, that we receive the teachings which will remove our suffering. From Rinpoche and the teachers he sends us, we learn to subdue this crazy mind which causes all our problems and to practice the methods which enable us to truly benefit others in all possible ways.

To make Rinpoche’s visit a reflection of the light he shines on all of us we are requesting our community to make offerings of both generosity and joyous effort. May we create the positive Karma to have Rinpoche visit us long into the future.

Opportunities to Practice Generosity

Click on the images below to find out about the many ways you can create merit through sponsoring Rinpoches visit.

Take a piece of Chenrezig Institute home and help us welcome Rinpoche. Make a $5 donation and receive a raffle ticket for this amazing prize.

Sponsor the Sangha Jewel. When the Sangha can flourish the Dharma can flourish too.

Sponsor the Dharma Jewel.  Sponsor texts and practice materials.

Sow the Seeds of Tantric Teachings for the Future. Sponsor Initiation materials.













Offering an Ocean of Nectar. Sponsor tea offerings to Rinpoche, our sangha, and community.

Offerings of Light.  Eliminate confusion and darkness. Sponsor light offerings. Completed Thank you

An Offering for Rinpoche’s Long Life. Sponsor an exquisite gift of Golden Tsa Tsa’s dedicated to Rinpoche’s long and stable life.

Help us Fulfil Rinpoches vision for a wall of Golden Tsa Tsa’s













Offerings of Flowers.  Become like a flower in the world! Sponsor flower offerings. 









Our Wish List

In the spirit of generosity, here is a current list of items we would find very useful in the service of the Dharma. If you happen to have these items unused and in good condition at home which you would be happy to donate/transport here, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Regularly needed:

  • New towels and tea towels
  • New single linen sets, pillows, doonas/quilts

Big, expensive or just crazy-dream things:

  • Electric chainsaw and brush cutter
  • Honda Industrial Generator petrol 6kVA to 14.5kVA
  • Outdoor seating sets
  • Electronic commercial kitchen digital scale, up to 15kg

If you or someone you know is planning to come here then that’s easy – if not, get in touch with us on and we can try to find a solution. We are open from Thursday to Sunday but have key staff here on closed days too so let us know if you need to get here Monday to Wednesday.


Some people choose to leave financial and other donations to the centre after their death. If you would like to bequeath something to Chenrezig Institute, here are some recommended clauses that you can add to your will – CI Bequest Clauses. Lama Zopa has also made some recommendations about how to write a Dharma will, so that it includes various beneficial spiritual practices. You can read this advice in the article on Dharma wills.




 Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this page!