Donations and Projects

Chenrezig Institute depends upon the generosity of its members and friends to help keep retreat costs down and ensure that the Dharma is accessible to all. Your donations are deeply appreciated. The Buddha said the hands of the giver are never empty. Your generosity creates that karma to experience both material and spiritual abundance.

Supporting Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Visit

To make Rinpoche’s visit a reflection of the light he shines on all of us we are requesting our community to make offerings of both generosity and joyous effort through volunteering. May we create the positive karma to have Rinpoche visit us long into the future. Click on the images below to find out about the many ways you can create merit through sponsoring Rinpoches visit.

Take a piece of Chenrezig Institute home and help us welcome Rinpoche. Make a $5 donation and receive a raffle ticket for this amazing prize.

Sponsor the Sangha Jewel. When the Sangha can flourish the Dharma can flourish too.

Sponsor the Dharma Jewel.  Sponsor texts and practice materials.

Sow the Seeds of Tantric Teachings for the Future. Sponsor Initiation materials.













Offering an Ocean of Nectar. Sponsor tea offerings to Rinpoche, our sangha, and community.

An Offering for Rinpoche’s Long Life. Sponsor an exquisite gift of Golden Tsa Tsa’s dedicated to Rinpoche’s long and stable life. Fully Sponsored Thank you!

Help us Fulfil Rinpoches vision for a wall of Golden Tsa Tsa’s Only 8 left!

Offerings of Flowers.  Become like a flower in the world! Sponsor flower offerings. 












Food Offerings to The Sangha during Rinpoches Visit

Throughout Rinpoches visit we are looking for community support to offer meals to our sangha. You are welcome to cook in the kitchen here or if you prefer you can cook at home and reheat the food when you arrive. All meals should be vegetarian and numbers will range across days from 5 sangha members through to about 30. If you  would like to create the merit of offering food to the ordained members of our community throughout the visit please contact Kirsty:
Tuesday 29th May – Supper only
Wed 30th May – Lunch and supper
Thursday 31st May – Lunch and Supper
Friday 1st June – Lunch Only.
Tuesday 5 June – Supper Only
Wednesday 6 June – Lunch and Supper
Thursday 7th June – Lunch and Supper

Priority Projects

Chenrezig Institute was proudly established in 1974. We have a rich history but also an aging infrastructure of buildings and systems that need to be upgraded and replaced. Your assistance with these projects is greatly appreciated. We can continue to work together to provide comfortable and supportive conditions to make our residents, students, and visitors welcome. When we create the conditions, the karmic seeds can flourish.

Priority Project: Tara Room Refurbishment

Vital Sewage System Upgrade

























Some people choose to leave financial and other donations to the centre after their death. If you would like to bequeath something to Chenrezig Institute, here are some recommended clauses that you can add to your will – CI Bequest Clauses. Lama Zopa has also made some recommendations about how to write a Dharma will, so that it includes various beneficial spiritual practices. You can read this advice in the article on Dharma wills.




 Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this page!