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The Dharma is priceless but running a Dharma centre to ensure we can continue to offer the Dharma is an expensive undertaking. Chenrezig Institute was proudly established in 1974 as a result we have a rich history and an aging infrastructure.

Donations to the Most Needed Fund will be used where they will do the greatest good to fulfill our mission.

This includes making offerings to our teachers and staff, paying the bills and repairing, maintaining and developing our infrastructure. The Fund also provides for urgent needs and critical shortfalls in ongoing commitments and as well as new projects and unanticipated needs not provided for elsewhere.



Thank you! Donating to this fund means gives the management of Chenrezig Institute the ability to quickly and easily access funds to direct wherever they are needed. It could be a plumbing emergency or storm damage to our roads. Wherever funds are most needed to support the infrastructure and mission they will be applied.

If you would like to give a specific amount, please use the custom field by clicking on the ‘custom amount’ radio button.

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