When you volunteer at Chenrezig Institute you are joining an incredible group of people.

Since it’s inception in 1974, Chenrezig Institute has relied on the generous support of dedicated volunteers. Without the support of our valued volunteers Chenrezig Institute would not be able to provide the extensive program of Buddhist teaching, meditation and retreat that has led thousands of people to a more peaceful and happy life.

Whether you are cooking delicious vegetarian food in the Big Love Cafe, housekeeping to make our guests feel welcome or creating a beautiful and peaceful garden for everyone to enjoy – each of our passionate and dedicated volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting Chenrezig Institute to create an environment  where compassion and wisdom can flourish.

Volunteers in our organisation fill many varied roles including:

  • Board Members
  • Visitor Information
  • Cafe Servicesmy-religion-is-very-simple-my-religion-is-kindness-35
  • Housekeeping
  • Grounds and Maintenance
  • Library Services
  • Membership Care
  • Traditional Art
  • Children’s Program
  • Meditation Leaders
  • Tutors and Program Coordinators
  • Audio Technicians
  • Archive Team

We are very proud of each person who makes the crucial decision to support us. Their dedication, their time, their energy, and their skills allow us to be what we are and will make us who we become.

Volunteering might just change your life – it’s changed ours. And if the karma is right, it has the potential to change many other lives too.

Volunteer Positions Available


Visitor Information Team Do you love meeting new people and sharing the Dharma with them? Share your Love of Dharma. Join our Visitor Information Team.

Dharma Materials Management Volunteer

Live in Volunteers. Do you want to live in the beautiful Australian rain forest? Would you like to experience living in a Buddhist community and have access to meditations and teachings? Would you like to live and work as part of a harmonious team?

Live in Volunteers
 Would you like to experience living in a Buddhist community and have access to meditations and teachings? Would you like to live and work as part of a harmonious team?

Day Volunteers. Do you find joy in serving others? Are you inspired to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere? Do you like spending time working with like minded people?

Day Volunteers Do you find joy in serving others? Are you inspired to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere?

Holy Object Care Team Volunteers Care for our precious holy objects













We are currently looking for support with the following roles:

Food Offerings to The Sangha during Rinpoches Visit

Throughout Rinpoches visit we are looking for community support to offer meals to our sangha. You are welcome to cook in the kitchen here or if you prefer you can cook at home and reheat the food when you arrive. All meals should be vegetarian and numbers will range across days from 5 sangha members through to about 30. If you  would like to create the merit of offering food to the ordained members of our community throughout the visit please contact Kirsty:  spc@chenrezig.com.au
Tuesday 29th May – Supper only
Wed 30th May – Lunch and supper
Thursday 31st May – Lunch and Supper
Friday 1st June – Lunch Only.
Tuesday 5 June – Supper Only
Wednesday 6 June – Lunch and Supper
Thursday 7th June – Lunch and Supper

 Teachers Care

Create a karmic connection –  We are looking for committed students to help with cleaning and gardening on a regular basis at Geshe House.  You’ll be creating an amazing amount of merit and a strong karmic connection with our precious teacher, Geshe Tsultrim. Monday to Friday between 10.30 am and 12 noon or part there of. 


Chai and craft for a cause – If you love knitting we’d love to chat with you.  As part of Lama Zopa’s vision for social service, we are keen to start our Knitting for the Homeless project. You don’t need to be an accomplished knitter, just willing to have a go and encourage others with chai and conversation. Fridays between 2 pm and 3 pm In the Big Love Cafe.

School Student Visits

Enjoy working with teenagers? –  We are looking for Dharma students within our tradition who are happy to meet with school groups and individual students to answer questions about our community and Buddhism. Theses visits are  on the first Sunday of the month over lunch (We’ll shout your lunch!) or by appointment with individual schools so you can let us know what suits you.

Shop Assistants

Do you love shopping? – Help us with cleaning, display and customer service in our Dharma shop and reception, and get to know all the members of our community. Thursday to Sunday between 10 and 2 pm or part there of.

Poster Distribution

Help us get the word out! – Can you help us get our flyers up on community noticeboards across the coast? This simple act helps share our program with others, and so benefits the wider community. Whenever works for you. 


We are looking for regular gardeners to help us manage and develop our grounds. If you’d like to create, plant and help maintain our grounds as a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary to support spiritual practice we would love to hear from you.


Cake makes the world go round! If you love creating delicious homemade cakes and can join us for an early start in our commercial kitchen we’d love to meet you.  We need bakers Thursday to Sunday between 6.00am and 10.00am.

You can apply for any of these roles or find out more by contacting volunteer@chenrezig.com.au