Welcome! Thanks for your interest in volunteering.


When you volunteer at Chenrezig Institute you are joining an incredible group of people.

Volunteering expands your skills and experience, increases your employability and is a way to stay active and engaged with the community. It’s also a way for you to give back to the community and help people who need a hand.

Since it’s inception in 1974, Chenrezig Institute has relied on the generous support of dedicated volunteers. Without the support of our valued volunteers Chenrezig Institute would not be able to provide the extensive program of Buddhist teaching, meditation and retreat that has led thousands of people to a more peaceful and happy life.

Whether you are cooking delicious vegetarian food in the Big Love Cafe, housekeeping to make our guests feel welcome or creating a beautiful and peaceful garden for everyone to enjoy – each of our passionate and dedicated volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting Chenrezig Institute to create an environment  where compassion and wisdom can flourish.

Here’s how you can volunteer according to your time and abilities: 


Short Term Volunteering – few hours or a day:

You can either work:

on our Holy Object Care Team offering service such as:

cleaning, repairing, painting our Holy objects under the expert guidance of our resident team (with training given)

Get the Word Out! Deliver Flyers and Posters in your local Area

Dharma Materials Management Volunteer Help with Dharma burning

Visitor Information Team Do you love meeting new people and sharing the Dharma with them?

Just come for a few hours, or few days to offer your time and skills.

If you can offer a full day we will shout you a delicious meal at the Big Love Cafe!

Full time Volunteering – Work exchange program:

Volunteer in a more serious way, by joining our Work exchange program. You can either work:

in our Hospitality Team offering service such as:

cleaning, greeting visitors to CI, setting up rooms for events and guests etc

or in our Cafe Team offering service such as:

cleaning, serving customers, barista work, general kitchen hand (with training given)

or on our Grounds Team offering service such as:

cleaning, making our gardens beautiful, keeping our services working


Please be aware that the full time program is a 30 hour a week commitment, with 2 days off per week for a minimum commitment of 2 months to start with. We offer a single room accommodation and all meals, plus access to most teachings and in house events. These positions really are about taking the opportunity to offer service.

It is helpful to have a strong, healthy body and mind for this program!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in either capacity, please include a short summary of why you would like to live and work at Chenrezig Institute or day volunteer and let us know any specific skills you have. If you just have any questions to start with, please contact:

volunteer [at] chenrezig.com.au

We are very grateful of each person who makes the crucial decision to support us. Their dedication, time and energy, and their skills allow us to be what we are and allow us to continue to provide the services we do.

Volunteering to learn new skills

Volunteering to meet great people

Volunteering to make a difference

Volunteer now!

Volunteering might just change your life.