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Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga Retreat with Geshe Tsultrim and Ven. Yonten

Within Tibetan Buddhism, there is an emphasis on creating a connection with a spiritual friend or teacher who will be able to support and nurture your personal development. The ultimate Life to Life Coach!

When choosing this teacher, students are advised by the Buddha to look carefully for specific qualities and not to make a commitment until they are completely sure. Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga is a particularly powerful practice for creating the karma to meet a qualified spiritual teacher. It removes obstacles for creating this important connection and increases the blessings that come from this mentoring relationship. The retreat will conclude with a powerful offering ceremony.

Geshe Phuntsok Tsultrim will attend the retreat, assisting and inspiring us with a transmission of the recitation as well as sharing motivations, teachings, visualizations and other tips to help us understand and benefit from this practice. This retreat is ideal for students who have taken refuge with Geshela.

Retreat Leader will be experienced teacher, Ven. Yonten. Known for her fresh, modern approach and warm, engaging teaching style Ven. Yonten regularly teaches at Mahamudra Centre in New Zealand and is a faculty member of Human Spirit: Psychoanalytic-Buddhist Training Program in Lod, Israel.

Thursday 29th March, 6.30 pm –  Monday 2nd April, 12noon.book now

Facility fee $200 

Accommodation and meals available separately for purchase. They are discounted by 10% for those attending the full retreat.


Calm Abiding Meditation Retreat: A Stabilising force for Transformation with Corey Jackson

If we examine ourselves every day with mindfulness … a possibility for change and self-improvement can open within us.” HH Dalai Lama.

 Cultivating mindfulness sets the stage for improving our lives. It is the basic ingredient of all other practices and creates the stability needed to make a radical transformation. There are many different techniques suitable for all types of people and this retreat will introduce a wide range of approaches allowing people to choose the ones they find most effective.

 Drawing heavily on his connection with Alan Wallace, Corey will combine clear discussion with both silent and guided meditation. Learn to relax in the face of stress, understand its causes and develop habits that lead to happiness. Take a weekend to unplug, unwind and learn Buddhist tools for transforming our lives.

Friday 13th April  6.30 pm – Sunday 15th April 4.30 pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute.  

Facility fee $108

10% discount for members and concession card holders.book now

 Accommodation and meals available separately.

Corey Jackson trained in India as a meditation teacher and translator of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. He has a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit and a unique passion for combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern research. He was certified by B. Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman as a Cultivating Emotional Balance trainer in 2011.


Calm Abiding Practice Day with Ven. Tsondru

An unruly mind is not only the cause of our own difficulties and suffering but also an obstacle to developing kindness and compassion for others. Unwanted distractions undermine our attempts to develop the wisdom and compassion necessary to achieve our potential and benefit those around us. Shamatha practice pacifies those distractions leaving the mind calm, clear and flexible.

Ven. Tsondru takes time from her own personal Calm Abiding Retreat to share this beautiful and peaceful practice with us. Calm Abiding is the ideal practice for a busy life creating a strong and stable base of calm and relaxation we can return to whenever we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  When we are feeling stronger it gives us the undistracted focus to be of greater benefit to ourselves and others.
Ven. Tsondru will support your developing practice gently leading you through a range of meditations and explaining how these support the Buddhist path.
Please wear loose comfortable clothing for sitting and a yoga mat if you would like to meditate in a laying down position.

Saturday 5th May 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute.book now

Facility fee $25

Accommodation and meals available separately.

Ven. Tsondru is a Buddhist nun and a student of Chenrezig Institute’s Buddhist Study Program. She teaches beginner meditation courses and leads Shamatha practice days at Chenrezig Institute. She is currently completing her own retreat.

Nyung Na with Ven. Ailsa

Nyung Na Retreat with Ven. Ailsa Cameron Join us to bring to light positive states of mind and discover for yourself the nature of serious retreat during this special annual event. A Nyung Na retreat is a two-day meditation, fasting and purification practice based on the sadhana of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. It is an extremely powerful way to heal illnesses, purify negative karma and open the heart to compassion. It is an effective spiritual, mental and physical detox. Each two-day Nyung Na involves taking the eight Mahayana precepts, maintaining silence and doing prayer recitations and prostrations. The second day includes fasting for 24 hours (taking no food or water). This year we are offering three of these inspiring two-day retreats. Even doing just one Nyung Na is an extremely powerful method of cleansing negativity and accumulating merit. No specific empowerments are needed.

2018 Nyung Na schedule as follows:

Introduction – 10 July 6:30pm

Nyung Na1 – 11 July 5:00am – 12 July 7:00am

Nyung Na 2 – 13 July 5:00am – 14 July 7:00am

Nyung Na 3 – 15 July 5:00am – 16 July 7:00 am

Big Breakfast for all retreatants on 17 July at 8:00am

Facility fee for each Nyung Na is $108 *

Facility Fee for the set of three Nyung Nas is $324*

*Nyung Nas are a mentally and physically demanding practice with strict meal requirements. So that we can care for our retreatants, we include the meals and accommodation within the cost of the retreat. Please do not book meals or accommodation separately. When you make your booking we will contact you in person to arrange your accommodation. The sooner you book the more options you will have for accommodation. As the start time of the retreat is 5:00am we strongly suggest guests stay on the property the evening before their retreat starts. As it is a rare and precious opportunity to be able to complete Nyung Na retreats, preference will be given to those retreatants who book for the entire retreat seven day retreat. Bookings for fewer (two-day retreats) will open up in June and will be attended to around the full-time retreatants. While we will certainly do our very best to meet each accommodation request, we ask that you assist by being flexible wherever possible thereby allowing as many people as possible to participate in this special retreat.

Discovering Buddhism students are particularly invited to this retreat to complete the Nyung Na as one of their special integration experiences.

Ordained in 1987, Ven. Ailsa is a close student of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and has been editing his teachings since 1984 for the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive. Ven. Ailsa has led the annual Nyung Na retreats at Chenrezig Institute for more than twenty years.

book now




Guided Meditation in the Gompa

Every week we have guided meditations on Fridays from 1.15 pm to 1.45 pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute. They are led by Sangha members and are suitable for everyone.

Please see our online calendar for the schedule of these classes



Meditation in the Community

A great way to establish a time each week to spend on your own inner development and to draw on the support of others in your daily practice. No charge and no need to book.


Finding Balance in a Busy World with Corey Jackson

Outreach series
Stress, anxiety, and depression have become a common part of our modern lifestyle, yet mental well-being is within reach. When we understand how our emotions work, we can use simple tools to prevent being hijacked by them. Further fine-tuning can see our emotional reactions working for us and leading to better relationships, resilience and overall well-being. It’s a balancing act that is surprisingly simple and delivers ever-increasing positive results.

This series of four Wednesday evening talks throughout March will be held in Maroochydore. Corey explores the unique synthesis of traditional Buddhist and modern psychological approaches. Each class will include both practical techniques and meditation.

For more information coming soon.

Corey Jackson trains individuals and organisations around the country in mindfulness and emotional skills. With a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit he trained as a translator of Buddhist Philosophy in India. He is passionate about combining ancient wisdom with modern research.