Poly tank $ 775.00

Poly tank $ 775.00


Donate towards an upgraded Hot water system for Geshe Tsulrim.

Geshe La currently does not have access to a proper temperature regulated Hot water system in his residence. In order to finalise the upgrade to Geshe La’s Hot water system, we need a new water tank. With this tank we can make the system independant and assure a constant temperature to the residence.

Unfortunately this donation will not generate a tax rebate but it will generate oceans of merit and positive Karma. Thank you!


Geshela’s Trip Home

$1,568.00 of $2,000.00 raised

Please help us raise money to help Geshela visit his teachers, family and home monastery in India.

Every second year we ask our community to help us raise funds to send Geshela to visit India.  These trips ensure Geshela is well rested, connected to his culture and allow him  to maintain strong ties to his teachers at Sera Jey Monastery. While there Geshela continues to benefit Chenrezig Institute as he meets with other Geshes and FPMT visiting teachers making invitations on our behalf.  Geshela also uses this time to connect with the Tibetan community and with his brother who is also studying at Sera Jey. This year Geshela is also hoping to be able to see his mother who is planning to visit from Tibet. Please help us to raise these funds to support our dedicated teacher. We are hoping to be able tell Geshela that we have raised these funds by his Birthday on October 1st.


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