Cultivating Emotional Balance 2018 with Corey Jackson

A happy and rewarding life is within our grasp and achieving it is a skill we can learn. Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an evidence-based training that blends ancient techniques for developing mindfulness, empathy and compassion with ground breaking scientific understanding of emotions. The course has been shown to reduce people’s destructive emotional episodes, improve professional and personal relationships and develop resilience in the face of adversity. Focusing on both theory and practice, CEB aims to give a genuine experience of ancient techniques made relevant to a modern lifestyle and world view.

This unique program is the brainchild of Dr. Paul Ekman, a world renowned psychologist within the field of emotions and Dr Alan Wallace, a highly respected meditation teacher and scholar of contemplative traditions. It was developed in response to the year 2000 Mind and Life conference that became the subject of Daniel Goleman’s best-selling book, Destructive Emotions.

Introductory weekend: Saturday 20 January 9.00 am – Sunday 21 January 3.30 pm, at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.

The course continues February 3-4 and February 17-18 for those who have attended the introductory weekend (making a total of six sessions to complete the training).

Facility fee $150 for the introductory weekend, $420 for the whole course.

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Corey Jackson left his career as a jazz pianist in Toronto to study Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language in India. He holds a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit from the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the Khyentse Foundation award for excellence in Buddhist Studies. The Cultivating Emotional Balance project perfectly facilitates his passion for using ancient wisdom in a thoroughly modern context.