Big thinking has been a big part of Chenrezig Institute from the very beginning.

Lama Yeshe had an extensive vision for the centre and generations of students have been working to fulfil that vision for over forty years.

The latest stage in this expansion of our program and community is the newly renovated Wellbeing Centre.Universal Responsibility

At the Wellbeing Centre we are adopting an attitude of universal responsibility to care for everyone, not just Buddhists but all sentient beings. Lama Zopa Rinpoche calls this the “Bodhisattva Attitude”.

With this in mind Chenrezig Institute is developing a program that will be of benefit to those who are looking for genuine happiness and well-being in a non-religious framework.

The Wellbeing Centre is dedicated to sharing authentic and well established techniques for good health and genuine happiness. Our presenters are experienced and qualified in ancient medical traditions, contemplative approaches, modern scientific methods and more.

This program will provide people with tools to improve their quality of life, increase our capacity to be of benefit to others and further expand the Chenrezig Institute Community.

The Wellbeing centre building has been reovated for its new purpose with fresh white walls and polished wooden floors. A feature wall of glass panels opens up the space to an extensive treetop view and floods the space with natural light.

In the near future we’ll be adding a kitchenette, bathroom and landscaping the front of the centre to create a more beautiful and easily accessible venue. The two recently added treatment rooms will also become available for hire.

For more information you can contact SPC@chenrezig.com.au or to make a booking enquiry contact wellbeing@chenrezig.com.au

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