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Please see our Calendar for our regular weekly teachings, yoga and meditation sessions or download the program for July, August & September


Buddha Day: First Turning of the Wheel. Join us for a whole day of activities. July 27

Meeting Hate with Love: Change your World with Creative Non-Violence July 28 to 30

Karmic Connections with Ven Tony Beaumont July 29

The Art of Patience with Corey Jackson July 30











Dying to Know Afternoon Tea with a Difference! August 5

Calm Abiding Meditation Practice Day with Peter Shepherd August 5

Welcome Day! Join us for a wonderful day of activities. Everyone is welcome.
August 6

Discovering Buddhism: The Wisdom of Emptiness with Ven Pema August 12-13

Cultivating Emotional Balance Masterclass: Fear and Anxiety with Corey Jackson 12 August









Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with NeLi Martin 13 August

Comfort and Ease: White Tara Retreat with Venerable Ailsa August 18-20

Longevity Yoga Retreat for Seniors with Annie McGhee August 18-19

Discover Dru Dance with Robyn Harper August 20

Peaceful Parenting: Birth to Two years old. Building Security and Creating Cooperation with Lauring Harch and Emma Cullum August 26









Why is this Happening to me? The Wheel of Life and Buddhist Perspectives on cause and effect with Geshe Tsultrim August 26-27


Anger, Patience and Forgiveness with Venerable Lhagsam, September 02

The Voice of Nature: Environmental Art with Jono Bateman, September 03

Discovering Buddhism: Wisdom of Emptiness Retreat with Ven Pema, September 9-10

How to Change Habits: Turning Aspiration into Action with Corey Jackson, September 09

I AM: An Inspirational Evening in the Wellbeing Center, September 9th @ 6pm







The Beautiful Mandala of Tara: A workshop with renowned Thangka artist Andy Weber, September 16-20










Return to Stillness: Yin Yoga with Annie McGhee, September 15-16

Calm Abiding Meditation Practice Day with Peter Shepherd September 16-17

Refuge in the Three Jewels: Becoming a Buddhist with Geshe Tsultrim, September 23-24
















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