The Library is  situated directly beneath the Gompa. It offers visitors the opportunity to browse through a collection of thousands of titles onLIBRARY  all aspects of Buddhism, with an emphasis on the Buddhism of Tibet. The Library also holds a number of texts on other topics such as psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and other religions. We have books for all levels, from the casual enquirer to the most advanced student.

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday   1pm -3.30pm

Teachers, Sangha, Chenrezig Arms members and residents have automatic borrowing rights. Separate Library membership is also available. Overnight guests may borrow – but must return items before departure. Further information available from reception.

The Library is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

green tara room 2Situated next to the Library is the Green Tara Room; available 24 hours a day for personal practice or study. It has cushions, desks, a couch, and a TV screen with DVD player to watch Dharma DVDs that you can borrow in the adjacent library.

Visit our course & retreats pages for details on our new Reading Circle to be held in the centre Library, first session 3rd September 2pm




Recommended Book: The Sweeper: A Buddhist Tale by Rebecca Hazell